Boat Transport Contract

General Information for Transporting Your Boat

Freight charges are due and payable upon delivery in the form of a cashier's check or certified checks made payable to Sabree Transport. If delivery is delayed more than 2 hours, in addition to all other freight charges there will be a $60 per hour waiting charge, which will be payable before the boat is off loaded. All of our drivers are fully licensed and insured. They are experienced, dependable boat transporters who will take the utmost care to deliver your boat in the best condition. However, please keep in mind that the boat has to be strong enough to withstand overland shipment. Sabree Transport cannot take responsibility for damage due to inherent dry rot or weakness. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.

Your Guide to Boat Transportation

This boat preparation guide was compiled to assist you, the boat owner in properly preparing and securing the boat for overland transportation. Please make every effort to prepare the boat according to these guidelines. Oversee the preparation yourself or have a qualified yard do so. The carrier cannot be responsible for damage due to improper preparation or loading by the shipper, for faulty or defective cradles, trailers, chains, binders, or other equipment provided by the shipper to secure the cargo.


General Information

The legal height for transporting over the road is 13' 6." Please choose a marina or boatyard with at least 14' overhead clearance, with no low tree branches or wires on its approach. If you choose a marina or boatyard to which there is no clear access, the carrier cannot accept responsibility for damage caused by branches or wires. The larger the boat is, the higher the load is, and more clearance is required. Unless previously discussed, freight amount quoted is for legal height of 13' 6" loaded on the carriers trailer. If your boat loads higher, a freight surcharge will be added to your freight amount. The driver will perform a survey only of the exterior of the boat. The condition of the boat will be noted on a condition report. You or your agent will be asked to sign this report at the point of pickup; a copy of this report will be given to you or your agent at that time. At delivery, the boat will again be inspected; the condition report again signed and another copy will be given to you or your agent. Any damage noted by you or your agent upon delivery must be noted on the bill-of-lading that you sign when you or your agent accepts delivery of the boat. Photos will be taken at loading and unloading.

Please see the contract for complete shipping details. Thank you.

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